Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead closing due to bird flu deaths

by: Makenzie Koch

Posted: Oct 5, 2022 / 02:38 PM CDT

Updated: Oct 5, 2022 / 02:47 PM CDT


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — The Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead will temporarily close due to what’s believed to be an avian flu outbreak.

The Overland Park attraction said five birds — four geese and a wild duck — died earlier this week from avian flu, experts believe. Initial testing resulted in presumed positives for the H5 virus, better known as avian flu.

Deanna Rose staff quarantined the other birds in the same enclosure, which are being euthanized, according to a release from the city. The farm did not disclose how many animals in total will be affected.


Staff said no other birds at the children’s farm have been in contact with the sick birds, and all birds are now being quarantined. Deanna Rose staff will drain and clean ponds and disinfect other animal care areas, the city said.Detectives hope Amazon Alexa can help ID suspect in KC researchers’ deaths

Avian flu, which is also commonly called bird flu, is a very contagious infection that occurs in birds. The CDC says wild birds can carry the virus, but don’t usually get sick. But some domesticated birds — like chickens, ducks and turkeys — can also get infected, often resulting in death.

Starting at 3 p.m. Wednesday through all of Thursday, the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead will close temporarily.

“The health and well-being of Farmstead visitors, staff and animals is our top priority,” Parks and Recreation Director Jermel Stevenson said in a release.

“We are working to ensure that when the Farmstead reopens, we are minimizing the risk to the rest of the animals. At the same time, we’re grieving the loss of the animals we work hard to care for, that help our community learn about life on a Kansas farm.”

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