It’s Going to Be Way Too Hot in the West This Week

Exposing the Big Game

Temperatures could smash all-time records, worsening the megadrought gripping the region.

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It’s about to get worse.

Record heat is searing the West for thesecond time this month. A massive heat dome is building over the region and is set to intensify for the latter half of this week. The heat wave could cause some all-time records to fall while worsening the region’salready catastrophic drought.

The region is already in the grips of sweltering temperatures. Over the weekend, temperatures topped 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46.1 degrees Celsius) in Phoenix and reached 110 degrees (43.3 degrees Celsius) in both Las Vegas and Palm Springs. The National Weather Service is warning of “dangerously hot conditions” on Monday across parts of Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah. More than48 million peoplein 10 states are under a heat advisory watch or warning.

The extreme…

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