A Giant Organic Farm Faces Criticism That It’s Harming The Environment

Exposing the Big Game


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May 3, 20214:04 PM ETHeard onAll Things Considered

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Wind-blown soil fills a ditch between a road and the fields of Gunsmoke Farms, a large organic farm northwest of Pierre, S.D., in early March.Stringer

Hardly a week goes by, it seems, without a big food company making promises to deliver products from green, sustainable farms. Turning those promises into reality, though, can be complicated.

Take Gunsmoke Farms, a vast property that covers 53 square miles just northwest of Pierre, S.D. The food company General Mills, maker of Cheerios,announcedin 2018 that it would convert the farm to organic production. The company planned to turn it into an educational hub to teach other farmers “how to implement organic and regenerative agriculture practices.”

Now, some of Gunsmoke Farms’ neighbors say that the farm is…

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2 thoughts on “A Giant Organic Farm Faces Criticism That It’s Harming The Environment

  1. Yet another reason to keep our human population numbers in check. No matter what food system we adopt; it will always be doomed if there are too many people to feed.

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