The fight to save India’s most elusive cat

Exposing the Big Game

The fight to save India’s most elusive cat – BBC Future

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The fishing cat stalks its prey in swamps, wetlands and mangrove forests (Credit: Alamy)

By Kamala Thiagarajan18th April 2021The fishing cat is one of India’s most enigmatic predators, hunting the waterways of its remaining wetlands and swamps. The efforts to save it may also help save a vital buffer against climate change.T

The encounter took place on a cool winter morning in 2012, in the coastal Indian city of Visakhapatnam. A gentle breeze nipped at the air as Murthy Kantimahanti stood transfixed, staring at a metal trap set up on a dirt trail leading to dense bushes and towering neem trees. Inside the trap was a cat – but no ordinary cat. It was bigger than a house cat, but not as big as a leopard or a tiger. It had a squarish face, relatively small ears for…

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