Your Diet Is Cooking the Planet

Exposing the Big Game

But two simple changes can help.ANNIE LOWREY6:00 AM ET

A woven bag containing carrots, apples, two oranges, and some greens, against a lavender background

What’s for dinner?

On a planet wracked by rising seas, expanding deserts, withering biodiversity, and hotter temperatures, that’s a fraught question to answer. Food production accounts forroughly a quarterof the world’s greenhouse-gas emissions, and scientists have found that limiting global warming will be impossible without significant changes tohow the world eats. At the same time, climate change is threatening the world’s food supply, with land and water beingexploitedat an “unprecedented” pace.

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Reforming the food system to save the planet is going to require new corporate practices, and new laws and regulations at the national and international levels. But individual consumer behaviors…

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