Grizzly bear killed near Pendroy ran toward hunters

Nov 06, 2017 8:03 AM PST

A hunter shot and killed a grizzly bear near Pendroy on Saturday after the bear ran toward him and a fellow hunter.

According to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, two men were pheasant hunting when a female grizzly bear approached them with three cubs.

The bear charged at a hunting dog, which prompted one of the men to shoot in the air and yell at the bear.

The bear then ran towards the men and one of the hunters shot and killed the grizzly.

The hunters were not injured and they contacted authorities.

FWP Bear Management Specialist Wesley Sarmento said the hunter shot the bear in the chest and the face.

Under Montana law, it is illegal to shoot a grizzly bear unless it is in self-defense.

Hunters can face a $3,000 fine or six months of jail time if they are charged.

FWP is investigating the incident and Sarmento urges hunters to use bear spray, make noise, and look for bear tracks while hunting.

The three cubs-of-the-year are still alive and had left the area by Sunday morning, according to the Montana FWP Prairie Bear Monitor page on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Grizzly bear killed near Pendroy ran toward hunters

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  2. Since when is a hunter a “gentleman”? Seems like a contradiction in terms to me.

    By the way, where was the dog when the grizzly charged? Was the dog harassing the bear or the cubs? Oh, of course not. And of course the “gentleman” isn’t held responsible if his dog was harassing the mom or her cubs. Such a filthy, corrupt system.

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  3. We don’t want hunters out there at all .. I’ve determined they are serial killers seeking the thrill to kill .. so tired of the human and non human carnage by these guys with the guns !
    Can’t we just live in PEACE for all beings

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