by Stephen Capra
We have entered a time when the psychological deformity of this President is coming into clear focus.  The reincarnation of Andrew Jackson is creating a modern version of the “Trail of Tears” through his vicious, demented vision of ego driven power. His personal corruption and self-enrichment is at the core of every decision, his cruelty to staff and the American people is part of his deluded vision of power and control.

Today he has pulled us out of the Paris Climate accords. This move is designed for one purpose, to continue to create false hope for his followers and coal miners in particular, that “he” has their backs, while he moves to destroy their social safety net and any real promise of a future of jobs for the people he privately calls “stupid”, as his legislative agenda continues to stumble.

What makes this a very dangerous time aside from his personal insanity, is that Republicans continue a decades long desire to destroy government as we know it. They understand the potential danger that is mounting, but believe they can continue to fan the flames of racism, hate for government and the so-called liberal media long enough to ram through an agenda that will leave America decimated. While continuing to call it “freedom.”

From health care to student vouchers, eliminating Planned Parenthood and now targeting birth control, after school programs for low-income students, ending Medicare and declaring that “not all people deserve food.” We have entered a time when a group of white men have declared war on America.

This takes me to the environment, because the endless cycle of fraud and corruption that feeds the millions of dollars that elects this reprobating group, is now putting us on course I am afraid, towards a new destiny unless things change and change quickly.

The President is facing the power of a Special Prosecutor and it seems clear there is much to hide. Now he must push Republicans to obfuscate and defend him. While a few have broken ranks, the party as a whole is standing firm and engaging in their version of “fake news.” This is why this is a very dangerous time. As the pressure mounts, the President will continue as he has, to make radical, unprecedented decisions, which will have long-term consequences for America and the world.
Paris is the beginning, look for him to destroy our Monuments, this despite huge public outcry, but he needs the support of the Utah delegation and if destroying our conservation legacy is the question, the answer will be self-preservation, that remains the focal point of his selfish existence and he does not understand, nor care about the value of these magnificent lands that all Americans own. I pray I am wrong on this, but his whole Presidency thus far has been cruel and audacious in its willingness to remove the foundations of our democracy.

Democrats for their part continue to shout from the mountain top, but also falter thanks to the DNC in achieving the most important goal, which remains winning a special election or two or five to begin putting the fear of God into Republican legislators in 2018. No town hall, no protest is going to have the impact of losing two or three special elections. In politics, “I “always comes before “we.” In order to create this fear, the old guard at the DNC must invest quicker and more freely in races that are not simply urban, coastal seats, but aggressively challenge every seat.
Today, American joined Syria and Nicaragua in rejecting the most important pact to save the world we have ever witnessed. This, as the polar caps are melting, species are dying off and our oceans are reaching the breaking point. This is, as I have mentioned before represents, “treason against the earth.”

No matter what else this man has done, and it has been plenty, this should be first and foremost an impeachable offense. If not it should be added, for we cannot continue to abuse that which provides us life.

Ignorance has been emboldened with the election of this President. In less than 140 days his impact to the planet has equaled that of generations of misguided and deluded legislation. In 140 days he has moved to dismantle the EPA and is moving forward with buyouts of staff that will decimate its effectiveness. We are now going to kill bears and wolves in their dens, he has his sights on destroying the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil at a time when their remains a world-wide glut. Dumping coal waste into rivers, cutting funding to protect our largest body of clean water the Great Lakes and insuring our air is fouled by utilities and what remains most amazing, is the level of support he receives by these continued moves.
These moves reflect insanity, Trump is our modern day Kamikaze pilot, and he has been placed on earth to destroy or awaken the comfort zone that has befallen our nation.

These are dangerous times, but we have been here before. The smug smile of Paul Ryan and the boorish rhetoric and behavior of this President, seem designed to appease a solid 40 percent of our population and find joy in the schadenfreude of others. Fox news and radical radio jocks are there to cement that number.  Every move of this President seems dedicated to angering someone or some nation, to appear to strong when his every action cries out as insecure and out of place.

But make no mistake, for Republicans, they have a man willing to do anything, harm anyone and destroy whatever historical norms to create a vision for America that rewards the wealthy and creates a Sinclair Lewis portrait for the rest of us.
It remains vital to understand in these times, there remain so many good people, people who want to help and respect one another (two men in Portland showed this so vividly) and our natural environment.

Despite these hard times we have progressed as a society and will continue to do so despite the hard hand of these oppressors of spirit. But we must be strong, loving and vigilant.

It remains vital to remember the words of abolitionist minister Theodore Parker, who said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”
Justice you see will be ours.

This President will endure the karma of his actions.


3 thoughts on “Kamikaze

  1. No it is not going to be a long ride….trump is a total buffoon and each week his childish ego driven rants, tweets, and fringe insults will eventually result in his own destruction. So enjoy it while you can, pansy.


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