Again, the DPRK conducted missile tests | Colonel Cassad

The Fourth Revolutionary War



Despite tensions and threats from the US, Pyongyang once again conducted missile tests. This time with the start of the North Koreans all came together and the rocket flew into the sea of Japan, falling outside the Japanese territorial waters. Japan in this regard have already protested. In South Korea, said that so far can not determine the type of missiles launched. In Washington yet keep quiet.

In fact, Kim was trying to demonstrate his strength, and he did not budge. Now he is feeling the limit of his opponent, and every following launch demonstrates American weakness and strengthens Kim’s position in his country – here’s a look that our Supreme commander, under pressure of the imperialists does not bend and is pursuing an independent policy. But on the other hand, all this activity is that after the sabre-rattling from Washington remains unanswered, undermines the…

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