An Urgent Appeal to Reject Planet-Destroying “Environmental” Organizations’ Counter-Productive Activities & Actually Do What’s Necessary to Stop Climate Change Before It’s Too Late!

Climate March Follow-Up: An Urgent Appeal to Reject Planet-Destroying “Environmental” Organizations’ Counter-Productive Activities & Actually Do What’s Necessary to Stop Climate Change Before It’s Too Late!

This is the most important information that you will ever hear about Climate Change – a truth so inconvenient that “environmental” groups hide it from the public, which pretty much makes them guilty of knowingly destroying the planet. The Sierra Club,, Greenpeace, NRDC, and others are engaging in a conspiracy of ecocide and a cover-up of both the leading cause of Climate Change and the ONLY solution before it’s too late. They are as guilty as Exxon covering up its knowledge of Climate Change for four decades. They are as guilty as Trump. They are a menace to Mother Earth and a threat to our survival.

The Sierra Club,, Greenpeace, NRDC, and others are greedy corporations as dangerous to the environment as greedy corporations can be, which one would think would be a violation of those groups’ mission statements. This toxicity of this “environmental movement” is worse than any waste dump or pipeline in its consequences, and in its betrayal of planet, people, animals, and plant species. In its greed, and with its convenient untruthfulness, the “environmental movement” has astonishingly become the greatest accomplice and partner that Climate Change, deforestation, resource depletion, water scarcity, erosion, desertification, habitat destruction, and GMO’s could ever have. Such devastation as that – along with our own extinction – will ultimately be this movement’s greatest accomplishments. They cannot plead ignorance. They were all ridiculed for it in the movie “Cowspiracy”. If it were not so tragic, it would be hilarious.

The “environmental movement” has sold out the environment – and us – and now WE are the only ones who can save us. Don’t worry. Yes we can do “it” – as soon as we know what “it” is.

Imagine that your doctor identified a problem with your lungs, and then after learning that you have been a long-time cigarette chain-smoker, prescribed going to the circus as your treatment. The lungs of the Earth are on fire, and we get a circus from the “environmental movement” – fun, fiddling, and singing songs, holding hands, marching bands, arts and crafts, and a parade to nowhere, a charade from the clowns who have appointed themselves leaders, who laugh all the way to the bank, their irresponsible behavior rewarded by donations from the “environmentalists” they mislead, who must never be allowed to know the truth about the environment.

Trump is big business. Anti-Trump may be even bigger business. Ask the t-shirt maker, the bumper sticker printer, the producer of ingredients for Molotov cocktails. The Democrat Party is all about the money, and aside from trying to get us all nuked in a war with Russia to distract us from party corruption, it stays on its fundraising talking point: Trump is President, donate to us now. The opportunistic “environmental movement” has also made Trump the poster boy for its money-making efforts, raking in a fortune.

Now I’m certainly not thrilled with Trump’s environmental direction – and for jumping on the bandwagon and saying that, I do hope you will donate to 501(c)3 Go Vegan Radio, as we too seek to cash in on anti-Trump donor dollars. However, a reality-show reality check shows us that Trump has been President for about a hundred days. In that time, he could not possibly have brought us to the brink of ecological catastrophe and the tipping points that, if not addressed immediately, ensure doom for all. For that kind of mess, Trump must be given at least a few more weeks.

In real reality, what has brought us to the brink, quite honestly and inconveniently truthfully, is YOUR demand for “meat”, dairy, fish, and eggs. This isn’t about blame for your flesh-and-blood appetite cult-cultural indoctrination; it is about taking responsibility upon awakening to truth. Before you point your finger at Trump, let’s take a look in the mirror. Do you see a climate activist – or a climate changer? Looks can be as deceiving as the “environmental groups” themselves.

Given the depth of societal corruption, should we be surprised that when we have a money-hungry “environmental movement” comprised of “meat”, dairy, fish, and egg addicts, fueled by the blood money of rancher contributions, seeking the largest donor base possible, that it would refuse to reveal that animal agriculture is the #1 cause of Climate Change, responsible for at least 51% of all human-generated greenhouse gas emissions? (Link to “Livestock and Climate Change” below)…/Livestock%20and%20Climate%20Ch…

We shouldn’t be surprised, even though it is astonishing that so-called “environmental” organizations would be so irresponsible as to ignore what the climate science community identifies as the #1 cause of the cause to which these groups are supposed to be dedicated? I could understand that nobody would care if it were only the #2 or #3 cause of a problem that threatens everyone. I could understand if the proposed solution were only one of four or five means to save the planet. What on Earth is happening when primary causes and primary solutions are not even acknowledged by those whose responsibility is to publicize them?

The world’s most respected climate specialists, including Dr. Robert Goodland (link to video below), who was ecological adviser to the World Bank for over two decades, tell us that the ONLY solution for Climate Change is a massive global population shift to Vegan living. Is this truth too inconvenient? When you are presented with the real solution that you can make happen – DO YOU DO IT? Is saving the planet important enough for you to GO VEGAN, or is the momentary pleasure of the palate, that flavorful chewiness of charred flesh dripping with blood-red ketchup worth destroying the home planet? Can’t you put ketchup on something else (like organic tofu)? Are you going to deny a future to the children of this planet by being a “Climate Solution Denier”?

I know – It’s a new concept, certainly one you will not hear from the anti-environment “environmental movement”, but you MUST consider and act upon what has been presented as the ONLY solution, one that liberates enough land for reforestation, that Dr. Goodland says could bring us to achieve pre-industrial carbon levels. Is this not worth a try? It’s not just worth a try – it’s worth a commitment; or do you think Trump heard you when you walked by the White House – while he was sitting in his pajamas in the Lewinsky lounge with the Reality Channel turned up, full blast? Yeah, he heard you, and you convinced him to ask Congress for the $35 trillion it would cost to construct a new energy infrastructure, which would require 20 years to construct, neither of which we can afford. You can GO VEGAN today, and do what James Hansen of NASA says is the most important action an individual can take. It will be the action of individuals that saves us.

Future Climate Marches will have to be Climate Swims – good luck, marching bands in scuba gear. 1700 US cities face submersion in the not-too-distant future if we fail to GO VEGAN. We must not fail. There is no other solution, no matter how much pleasure you derive from wings, fish tacos, cheese omelets, pig-flesh”bacon” on cow burgers, ice cream, and “steaks”. Maybe if we all GO VEGAN we will put “Trump Steaks” out of business. Hit Trump where it hurts – in the pocketbook – “DUMP TRUMP Steaks”. The Trump empire is a big customer of animal agriculture. Trump is a big “meat”-eater and cow-fat ice cream lover. You don’t want to eat like Trump or be like him in any way, do you? And for saying that, Go Vegan Radio again appeals for your anti-Trump donation dollar – deserving it at least as much as the Sierra Club, right?

Regarding that other delusion solution, do you REALLY think that a carbon tax will save us – some ludicrous hedge fund like scheme contrived by government, politicians, corporations, and Wall Street? (If you do, you have been breathing too many chem trails. Come to think of it, why isn’t the “environmental movement” addressing those either?) The politicians whom you think do “get it” – like Bernie who has carbon-tax breath – don’t “get it” at all, and are clueless as to the real solution. Bernie, a Ben&Jerry’s flavor, is a big supporter of the dairy industry, itself an eco-disaster, as well as a main reason why people need health care in the first place. Alas, the Democrats offer no hope either. In fact, under the Obama / Clinton regime, we were given a fracking energy future for the next 40 years. Hillary traveled the world and visited 80 countries on behalf of oil companies, selling their fracking agenda. California is completely fracked up under liberal oil-man governor Jerry Brown, with its central valley literally collapsing on itself as a result. And let us remember that under Obama, the equivalent of 10 Keystone XL pipelines were built, and oil production surged 82% to near-record levels. Obama – the good guy with the good party with the interests of the people and environment at heart – opened the Arctic Ocean and Atlantic coast to drilling, and approved 1500 drilling permits in the Gulf. The Nobel Peace Prize – winning “environmentalist” President also allocated a trillion dollars for nuclear weapons modernization, while dropping over 25,000 bombs annually in the Middle East. None of these actions seem all that good for the environment, but they must have been, considering the unfailing admiration given him; but given their record, I would just caution against expecting planetary salvation from Democrats any more than Republicans any more than Exxon any more than McDonald’s any more than “environmental” groups.

Have we not learned anything from the jet fuel – wasting, hot dog – eating gatherings in Kyoto, Copenhagen, or Paris? Of course over 170 countries are happy to make a champagne toast to an agreement that requires them to do absolutely nothing. Expect nothing because nothing is mandatory. The penalty for doing nothing is nothing. A banana is more binding than the Paris climate agreement (and can replace eggs for that purpose in Vegan baking, making it more useful than a bogus climate summit).

Consider also, regarding carbon, that just the land cultivated for animal agriculture releases considerably more carbon than is generated by the fossil fuel industry. We should be opposing these fossil “foods”, and divesting from them. Look what’s on the menu in the cafeteria of the university that proudly dumped its oil industry investments – the #1 cause of Climate Change, deforestation, resource depletion, water scarcity, air and water pollution, hunger, disease, poverty, and so much more.

Mother Earth seems to be making a very clear statement regarding her disapproval of the imprisoning, torturing, and killing of feeling, innocent animals – one by one by the billions – for “meat”, dairy, and eggs, and for causing them sadness and pain and for the oceans of tears, rivers of blood, and lagoons of manure – she gives us everything that’s wrong with the planet. In return for the greatest massacre of innocents ever, we are sentenced to plagues like heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes, hunger, poverty, violence, and war.

The chant is to “leave it in the ground”. What we should be taking from the ground is our food – what Mother Earth provides to our herbivorous species from the land and the trees – fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, beans. Leave the oil in the ground, leave the animals on the ground, leave the fish in the water, and leave the birds in the sky.

The delicious beauty within the Vegan solution is the unity with all species that it represents. We unite in a just and caring collective action for the environment that finally brings respect and recognition to other animals, our brothers and sisters who are also children of Mother Earth. Shamefully, they have been ignored, marginalized, and excluded from the “environmental movement” thus far, except when the Sierra Club creates nonsensical fiction to encourage eating them on sustainability and moral grounds.

When we GO VEGAN, we stop acting as human supremacists, as if we are the only species on the planet that matters, and understand that it is their planet too – that we are to be stewards and not oppressors, and that we must share. How are we to share the planet and its resources? A Vegan requires 10,000 gallons of water to grow his or her food in a year, according to a Stockholm International Water Institute report to the UN. A non-Vegan needs 320,000 gallons. With water scarcity an issue, how do we share? Do thirty-two Vegans eat – or only one non-Vegan? Land grows scarce. How do we share? An acre of land can produce about 150 pounds of “beef” – or 20,000 pounds of potatoes. Going Vegan is ultimate sharing, and ultimate caring for the environment.

Vegans are not the ones eating the “meat” and dairy from the animals who are the biggest consumers of GMO corn and soy. “Meat” and dairy – eating “environmentalists” have become financial backers of Monsanto. Forests are being cleared to grow feed or graze animals. How can an “environmentalist” concerned about forests not be Vegan?

None of this critical information seems to be important to the “environmental movement” – not a peep from the peeps at the People’s Climate March, and not part of the equation in the science march on Earth Day.

The Sierra Club gives us ridiculous articles from the editor of its magazine, attempting to fabricate a moral and ecological basis for killing others, the writer saying he has no problem with killing animals. Wouldn’t it be better for all of us if the editor of the Sierra Club magazine DID have a problem with killing animals? His magazine also prints absurd articles on the most sustainable “meat”. There is no “sustainable” (or humane) “meat” or “seafood”. Greenpeace is now marketing new “sustainable fur”. Bill McKibben, of, the regular environmental commentator on Democracy Now, says that it is unfair to deprive developing countries of the pleasure of eating “meat”, and he has endorsed a maniacal plan by crackpot Allan Savory for increased cattle ranching as an environmental solution, a plan discredited and debunked from the get go. Perhaps McKibben was impressed by Savory’s unsavory history, which includes killing 40,000 elephants by mistake. Ooops! Now, let’s put him in charge of global environmental planning.

Reject the insanity. Let’s instead unify in the collective action of going Vegan. James Hansen of NASA states that it is the most important thing we can do as individuals. Each of us has to do our 1/7,000,000,000th part, which is still greater than the zero part that will come from anyone or anything else.

The march has demonstrated that the world is concerned. Is it concerned enough to do what needs to be done? Are you?

– Bob Linden
host of “Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden”


6 thoughts on “An Urgent Appeal to Reject Planet-Destroying “Environmental” Organizations’ Counter-Productive Activities & Actually Do What’s Necessary to Stop Climate Change Before It’s Too Late!

  1. Excellent summation and suggestions. Many organizations abandon their mission and focus on getting members and money. They especially want the blessing of corporate America because that is where the big bucks come from. Of course, that means environmental organizations can’t offend Big Business or the religious groups who do not believe in population control. John Muir, who founded the Sierra Club, would be horrified at the direction it has taken.

    What is infuriating to me are the so-called conservation organizations, supposedly fighting on behalf of endangered species, who collaborate with industry in the name of “sustainable” development. Once logging, extracting, even ecotourism, start making in-roads, habitat and animal welfare likely deteriorate.

    So good luck to the environment and the wildlife when a lot of people and organizations start “helping” them.

    Liked by 2 people

    • “sustainable” development, yes that pisses me off too. WWF does that all the time. They showed Brazil government how to tear the amazon rain forest to pieces, in a “sustainable way that will preserve the diversity within the remaining pieces”. So much B.S., once you break up the forest and give access to it to anyone and everyone, there is no preserving it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • They did similar things in Africa with the logging companies. Allowing more “sustainable” development meant building logging roads into heavily forested areas, which made it easier for hunters to get in and kill apes for bushmeat.

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  2. “The Sierra Club,, Greenpeace, NRDC, and others are greedy corporations as dangerous to the environment as greedy corporations can be” Agreed 100% that is why I no longer give them my heard earned money.

    NRDC did nothing for the years that 0bama was in WH. Every time they wanted something done, they sent a petition to 0bama. I bet they spent a lot of time on golf course while I was working hard to make a living. Greenpeace, I really don’t know what happened to that group. They were spending all their energy and resources on issues that had absolutely nothing with environment and if anything it had a polarizing effect. Sierra club, forget about them. I am not sure what they do for the environment except ask for money.

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