Grizzly bear trophy hunting will continue under all the political “bans.”

Animal Alliance of Canada
BC Animal Advocates – Please share widely!

– The Liberals, NDP and Greens all plan to allow trophy hunting of Grizzlies to continue! The Greens and NDP are just giving sport/trophy hunters loopholes.

~ If we want to save the lives of Grizzlies and all wild animals, now, during election time, we must get our message through to every candidate!

The Greens and the NDP are playing coy with the issue by allowing Grizzlies to be hunted as long as the entire body is packed out, or the body is supposedly used for meat; green-washing the Grizzly hunt by making sport and trophy hunting look like subsistence hunting.

This is simply a loop-hole that will allow any trophy hunter to use a guiding service who will take care of the bear’s body for them, leaving them to thrill-kill Grizzlies and keep the heads and hides as their disgusting trophies. Even the Greens! Even the Greens won’t commit to truly protecting BC’s wild animals.

The attached article is provided by an independent candidate running in the riding of Victoria-Beacon Hill, Jordan Reichert.

Jordan is employed by Animal Alliance of Canada, and is the West coast representative for the Animal Protection Party of Canada.…/


2 thoughts on “Grizzly bear trophy hunting will continue under all the political “bans.”

  1. Same old thing, loop holes and caving in for political reasons. No one wants to offend potential members, donors, voters, or wealthy hunt groups. Animals almost always lose out to human self-interest.

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