No Apologies. Not Now. Not Ever

.From Captain Paul Watson’s FB Page:

My post from a couple of days ago on this page deploring the killing of a 200 year old Bowhead whale by some 16 year old who was joyfully boasting of his snuffing the life from such a majestic creature seems to have ruffled some feathers.

Some are calling me racist. Others are demanding an apology.

There will be no apology. Not now, not ever.

And there is nothing racist about it. I condemn all whaling by anyone, anywhere for any reason. I don’t care for nor accept any justifications of any kind.

It’s our culture! It’s a tradition! Bullshit. In my eyes it is murder and I make no exceptions.

Whales are self aware, socially complex, highly intelligent, sentient beings and they are my clients. They come first in my eyes. I have no sympathy for their killers nor would I ever apologize to a whaler no matter what their race, culture or traditions might be.

Racism implies discrimination. I do not discriminate. I abhor and despise all whalers and in my eyes they are all equally deplorable.

Bottom line – no apology, not now, not ever.

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7 thoughts on “No Apologies. Not Now. Not Ever

  1. Bravo, Captain Watson! The political correctness police are a threat to freedom of speech. If people are silenced every time someone yells “racism,” then they facilitate continued bad behavior such as killing a 200-year-old whale or abusing animals in rodeos and religious festivals. Those who accuse Captain Watson are so focused on exercising their self-righteousness that they neglect to notice Watson equally condemned the “whaling gangsters” of Norway and Iceland.

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  2. People are saying that human culture outranks any other creature’s right to life. We don’t want to offend, do we? Well, I’m with Cap’n Watson – no longer care if I offend anyone. That’s peanuts compared to extinction.

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    • I”ve about decided that being offensive is my duty. It’s like one of Mike Rowe’s dirty jobs that some of us have to do.


    • The interesting thing about this claim is that all these people have no problem kicking all of their other aspects of their culture, except the one that is about killing animals. A direct example is that this POS killed that animal using an exploding harpoon which is certainly not part of his fu’ing culture! The parasite, I hope he won’t have time to grow old!

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  3. Captain Watson you have always brought some hope and comfort for those of us who care about animals. Thank you, for taking action when needed and speaking against atrocities done to animals straight. Unfortunately, it seems that is all we can do these days. So I hope that your angry words tore into that 16 year old cold blooded killer!

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