Hunter takes down massive elk in Idaho desert

Boise hunter Gavin Moody of Boise took down this elk in the Owyhee Desert. (Photo courtesy Gavin Moody via Idaho Fish and Game).

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) — Gavin Moody still can’t believe his eyes.

The Boise hunter was on a scouting trip in the Owyhee Desert when he noticed a juniper tree had been stripped of bark 10 feet up (with two branches broken off).

He quickly realized it was an elk rub, and he later spotted a bull elk that may have been responsible for abusing the tree.

“Oh my God, the biggest bull I’ve ever seen in Idaho steps out,” Moody told the Idaho Fish and Game. “He’s got tips on the tail, and I was speechless. He was just incredible, something you dream about.”

Moody scored a Super Hunt Tag from the state (only 34 hunters score one of the prized tags a year).

He waited three weeks to to see if the elk would stay in the same area, and, as it just so happened, the massive elk showed up to the tree on the first day of the hunt. But the elk went into timber and disappeared.

But his disappointment didn’t last long though. Moody and his wife were in a perfect spot to scout elk on a daily basis, and let him be more selective.

“In general hunts, you see a bull, you put him on the ground,” Moody said. “This hunt gave me the opportunity to look at elk and judge them.”

Soon, a bull that Moody wanted was within sight. He didn’t count points, the hunter said. Just the pure size.

“It was just a fantastic hunt,” Moody said. “The number of big bulls was incredible.”

Moody told Fish and Game that he hasn’t scored his elk.

“To me, the points don’t matter, it was the experience,” he said.


9 thoughts on “Hunter takes down massive elk in Idaho desert

  1. A magnificent elk, so of course he couldn’t resist. Pretty pathetic when the nimrod’s only claim to fame is destroying the biggest and best life he could find.

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  2. I wonder, what is their obsession with killing large, herbivorous animals? It’s not like they accomplish any sort of great feat by shooting such a large target from whatever distance. They don’t need the meat to survive, and by erasing what is obviously astounding genetic material from the gene pool, they are only hurting conservation in the end by killing these large, magnificent male animals. Well damn, hunters are worthless pieces of worm crap (actually, worm crap serves a purpose, hunters don’t).

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