The Chicken Economy

Exposing the Big Game

  • Written by  Steve Hinchliffe
  • Published in Opinions
The Chicken EconomyBukhanovskyy
2017 is the Chinese year of the chicken. This year, the best estimate suggests a record 94 million tonnes of chicken meat will be produced

That’s roughly 52 billion chickens. In the last 50 years, chicken has moved from being a rare food item, too perishable to mass market, to a staple of protein-rich (and low-fat) diets for a growing human population. But it’s not just the numbers that have altered. In the UK, supermarkets have led the field in changing the ways in which chickens are farmed and processed. Agricultural science and military-style logistics have converted a supplementary source of farm income into a highly organised, vertically-integrated industry.

Chickens are now reared under optimal conditions for economic profit and biological growth. High throughput of densely housed and specifically bred birds increase turnover (or the rate at which fully-grown…

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One thought on “The Chicken Economy

  1. Of course is everyone’s choice to feed with meat of any kind… and the world population will still grow, and more and more flesh will be needed.
    Maybe the only one solution is “awareness” of the the consequences of being carnivor; not everyone is aware of this problem with is huge and will quite soon have repercussions over the entire planet.
    Mankind should make choices not only dectated by the habit or costumes, some “compassionate” thoughts could change things in such a massive impact to change the paradigms of our society.
    Diminuiscing the use of meat (of any kind) to once a week, thinking about going to be vegetarian or, even better, vegan… that could improuve life quality in any sense. Did you ever think about it? Honestly… 🙂 serenity claudine

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