Over 15,748 Seal Pups Killed in 3 Days


An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


April 2017

Sealers have killed 15,748 harp seal pups in just 3 days.

canadian seal hunt

Sealers have killed 15,748 harp seal pups in just 3 days. These seal pups are just a few weeks old, and many are just learning how to swim. Sealers on a killing spree of this magnitude will almost certainly neglect to carefully check whether all the seals they have shot and/or beatened are really dead before dragging them onto their boats and/or skinning them.

seal mother and baby

The Canadian government continues to stand by this ‘industry’, claming that it is important to Atlantic Canada and the fishermen who participate in this massacre. In reality, it represents a tiny fraction of the provincial economies of Newfoundland and Quebec, where most of the sealers come from, and just a small percentage of each sealer’s income.

Please take action.

1. Distribute leaflets where you live. Send us an email with the number of leaflets that you want and your mailing address – contact@harpseals.org .

2. Organize or participate in a protest. Let us know if you are interested in either organizing or participating. We will help bring activists together – contact@harpseals.org .

3. Send emails and/or write letters to Canadian government officials and tourism industry officials and also to the Chinese government, to urge the country to ban seal product imports – Find that information at  http://www.harpseals.org/help/letters_and_emails/index.php

4. Boycott Canadian seafood and tourism.


2 thoughts on “Over 15,748 Seal Pups Killed in 3 Days

  1. What can we even say by now. The whole planet is a slaughterhouse. I’m thinking that our movement needs to start defining our own language to confront the carnage. We are told we cannot appropriate most of the similes and metaphors (such as slavery and the Holocaust) that express can the evil and the magnitude of the damage humans do to other beings.

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