First blog post

Warnings Unheeded

A locomotive is barrelling down the tracks. Up ahead is a solid brick wall. A few scattered, faint voices warn “Look out!” “Slow down!!” but go unheeded, unheard over the engine’s roar and the conductor’s calls of “Faster!” “Faster!” as his minions shovel coal into the train’s overheated firebox.

The new horesemen of the apocolypse–pestilence, war, overpopulation, climate change–are out front, leading the way.

The human population clock constantly spins out of control while the number of extinct species goes up with equal rapidity. It’s two minutes to midnight, but the hedonistic passengers in the dining car–partying as hearty as ever and feasting on animal flesh–just draw the shades and turn away.

For sport, some shoot at the wildlife peacefully grazing near the tracks…


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